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Daniel Nieberg is an American composer, producer, and orchestrator based in Southern California. He is a natural storyteller, blending classical beauty with modern grit to further complement the narrative of his content collaborators. He wrote original music for the short film OMOLARA which premiered at the Urbanworld Film Festival in 2021, and the video game ODDEST SEA which was nominated for best sound and music at GDEX 2019.

He orchestrated the overture to the USC short film CLOWNING TIME which was composed by Cheska Navarro, adapting it to be played and recorded by a live orchestra. He also collaborated with singer-songwriter Copeland James on their album SMALL TALK by writing and orchestrating original string parts.

Apart from his love of Gustav Mahler and other late-Romantic composers, he takes large inspiration from alternative artists such as Wilco, Big Thief, Elliott Smith, Radiohead, and Bon Iver.

Daniel also enjoys cooking a mean lasagna, writing sad songs, and picnics.


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